Half Beef

Half Beef

$8.50/lb. Avg. 200lb .
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½ Beef = 200 lbs. of beef for $1,500 (processing costs are included in this – you do not have to pay separately). $500 non-refundable deposit WILL BE CHARGED when your order is placed. The remaining balance is due when your order is packed for delivery.


In a half beef you should expect approximately the following:


-         9-11 Ribeye Steaks

-         9-11 NY Strip Steaks

-         7-9 Boneless Sirloin Steaks

-         5-7 Mechanically Tenderized Round Steaks

-        2-3 Rump Roasts

-         3-5 Chuck Roasts

-         3-5 Arm Roasts

-         Approximately 30 lbs. stock bones

-         Remainder in ground beef and ground beef substitute products (hamburger patties and chili meat) 

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